Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Malakas na Ulan

Today while praying inside Sto. Domingo Church, the rain poured down heavily. There I was venting my heart out, seeking forgiveness and much needed guidance... just before I even finish saying, "hindi ko na po talaga kaya ito, so I lift everything up to You", the rain slowly stopped.

When I looked outside, the clouds were as beautiful as ever. The surrounding looked very fresh. My heart rejoiced because I haven't even stepped out of the church and yet my prayers were already answered.
What more can I ask for as a special gift for today? No, it isn't actually my birthday, instead it is my "baptismal birthday". According to the parish priest that baptized my youngest son, "baptismal birthday" is also known as our "spiritual birthday". It is special because it is the day that we became daughters and sons of God through the sacrament of baptism.

Post Script:

Lord, let me thank you for allowing me to feel the presence of my Dad as if I'm hearing him say:

        "Ok lang 'yan, ganyan talaga, lahat tayo nagkakamali...
         pero kahit ano pa man kasalanan nagawa mo,
         humingi ka lang ng taos-pusong patawad at di ka mabibigo"... 

Yes, that is how my Dad used to advice me about life and God's generosity in forgiving His children. I miss you so much Dad. Kahit matagal ka na wala dito, I know you never really left. You always made me feel your presence especially when I'm in a really BIG trouble. Thank you for keeping your promise that you will always be there for me. I love you and see you in my dreams.

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