Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Cost of Education

If you would ask any parent who's sending their children to a private school to name one common worry they have when it comes to education? I think, the answer would be the rising cost of tuition fees (plus other additional expenses).

Though we all want the best for our children, the issue on education cost is a fact that us parents need to deal with. Knowing that we can't really compromise cost over quality and vice-versa. We make sure that every centavo is well spent for the benefit of our child.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Invisible No More

In one of my browsing marathon, Ann Wizer's INVISIBLE caught my attention.
Its allegorical comparison of the current status of women in the Philippine society (especially those belonging to the underprivileged sector) and that of the nadir situation of the problem involving garbage.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blank Thursday
I've been staring infront of my laptop for the last couple of hours. Still no luck on what my post entry will be. I guess I'll have to wait for a few more hours or perhaps in a matter of minutes and hopefully will have something to write about.

Don't get me wrong though. I've got a hundred and ten things to discuss but somehow my mind's flying low. I'm quite puzzled also.

So, my apologies for now. Promise to make up for it. Thanks!  

Just Tech It Easy: Boost My WiFi Signal

I just couldn't resist!

This one is meant for sharing.

Mr. "boy scout" enhancing WiFi connection! :-)

Just Tech It Easy: Boost My WiFi Signal

Monday, August 23, 2010

All in One Day

Several years ago, I read in an article about “doing everything in one day”. It goes something as; our day is really designed to compose of 24 hours only which can be divided into:
                 "8 hours of sleeping/resting,
                   8 hours of working, and another
                   8 hours to do our other tasks in life”

Make My Day!

Going through my blog entries again, I wondered, will it be read by other people aside from my family? I reminded myself that this blog site came to life because I wanted to impart ideas. How will I know if what I am doing here makes any sense? I should not allow to be held back by some feeling of uncertainty. Sooner, I will need to have some evaluation on my posts. Whether good, non-affirmative, in-between, or no reaction are all of equal importance because it will serve as my gauge for further improvement. 

After mustering my spirited determination, I decided to disclose my blog site watchful not to make myself too swaggering. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Fuss Over a Rank?

Just yesterday, I browsed a blog site of a Filipina Mom blogger, Ms. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado ( and found a very interesting blog post of hers. I was thinking, should I leave a comment? But then I realized that my comment would be too long and I'm pretty sure that no one would care to read it (except for Ms. Dado, of course!).
For me, she's one great writer. Her blog entries are all interesting and informative as well. I really enjoy reading them. I just can't help myself to take a particular interest in one of her blog entry entitled:

Her post is about an opinion column of Mr. Michael Tan that discusses the state of education in the Philippines and the Top 500 World's Best Universities. She gave her unbiased discussion of the pros and cons of some local universities that were included in the rank. She based her criteria on personal experiences and factual information.

Manila Stopover: Riding in Style

There are about 12 million people living in Metro Manila. I don't have the exact statistics on how many million commuters there are everyday.

The common means of mass transportation in this busy metropolis are the jeepney, the metro bus, the MRT/LRT, and the AUV or in local term, FX. There are also taxi, tricycle, pedicab, and "kuliglig".

In my commuting experience, I chose to focus only the the three common mass transportation: the jeep, the bus, and the MRT. I will try to describe why these mode of transportation has made an impact on me that lead me to blog about it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pretty in Red

After watching a local talent search show, there is one celebrity judge who stood out among the others. It is because her red lipstick is such an utter beauty statement.

I think all women can relate how a simple red lipstick can create a major upgrade in her total look. There is just the glow of confidence and exquisiteness. So I decided to share this to all the women out there who want to have fun and enjoy wearing the gorgeous red lipstick!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sa wakas, Eto na!

I never thought that blogging would be such a tremendous effort. I mean, starting from naming your blog site and creating the About Me page, etc. Not to mention all the technicalities involved!

I've been through several blog sites already, my reactions were like: "Wow! what a creative person he/she is" or "Oh! how smart these people are". They all provide information and some entertainment all together.

Honestly, I never even imagined myself creating my own blog. Maybe because I'm so conscious on how my writing would turn out once it's posted. Not to mention how readers would react! It's all mixed and chaotic emotions.

But how else would I do something I would enjoy doing (that is to write) if I don't "actually" start? So after drawing some string of motivation from others, and my utmost intent to share. I finally had the courage to create my official blog. :-) 

This is an affirmation that it's really up to us to limit ourselves. Where else can  anyone outpour their thoughts in a nifty way? :-)

Cheers to all the bloggers out there!

The Name Game

After my searching adventures, here's how I came up with my blog site's name.

If you google the word ranique; one will find the meaning under names, simply because Ranique is actually a name, which literally means Queen.

I chose this name because it's "fun and unique". Also, being the only female in my family, I thought I could relate :-)

I hope you'll enjoy spending a few minutes of your time reading my posts as I also enjoy sharing my ruminations with you.