Monday, February 6, 2012

One Fine Monday

Good morning, Monday!

Today's agenda, bring my son to school and wait for him till his class is finished. Whew! It's a 3-hour wait. "Ay! Parang matagal 'ata yon ah"?!

Off to school we go. To pass time, I decided to bring my ever reliable netbook and a fave book. Yay! I won't get bored any more. There's a newly opened coffee shop close to my son's school and I'm thinking I could check it out while waiting for him.

This is quite a change in my weekly routine of traveling to and from my son's school. Not only will I save fare money but also I'll be able to have some "me" time.

Good thing the coffee shop is not that crowded and I easily spotted a table that will suit me. I ordered a cup of black coffee (
barako) and paired it with a slice of Tiramisu.


Now, I'm all set. Time to surf! Surf here, surf there, and surf some more. Check emails, login to my social network site. Okay, so what else is left to do? Write a new post. It's been a while since my last post. What I didn't realize I'm already writing it. haha!

It's the first day of another week. A very busy and happy week. What's next? Write a bit longer post, I suppose. =)

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