Saturday, November 23, 2013

All-Around "Jelly"

I first heard the term "windburn" back in high school, I was 14 then. My clueless self, "how exactly does a wind burn?" hahaha. Until an older friend told me that it is the sore and dry feeling in your lips especially when the weather gets cold or cooler. Actually, it was the "ber" months that time and I was having a bad case of chapped lips. My friend shared her "petroleum jelly", it was an imported brand and how I love the comfort it brought to my sore lips. So I told my mom but she could not find it in our usual drugstore. Perhaps it can only be bought in a specialty store because it's imported. Oh, the frustration! So the solution my mom gave me, a lip balm. Well, I liked it at first, but it does not give me the same satisfaction as that of a petroleum jelly. "Parang hindi long lasting ang effect", so I observed.

Fast forward, then came a local brand. APOLLO PETROLEUM JELLY (Philusa). I cannot recall exactly the year when I first came across this product. Just imagine how happy I was upon seeing it, and the price.... it is a huge WOW! Take note that it's also IMPORTED! Well, nowadays there are a lot of same or similar products to choose from but this one is very close to that of the famous "V" brand.

So APOLLO PETROLEUM JELLY became a staple in my must-have list. Inside my "kikay kit" is their very handy 25 grams packaging. Cost me only P26++ at Watsons.

Here is an interesting article I got online about petroleum jelly, "the all-around beauty secret".
And some basic product tips from their website as well. Visit their Facebook page,

How about you, are you also a fan of this all-around jelly? =)


  1. I've tried this one too! It's affordable and it works. :)

  2. Howdy Helen,

    How nice of you to drop by.... As for me, I'm a regular "mainstay" pa din to your site =)

    Stay pretty!